Resolving the “Band Error - I can't find your band” for Microsoft Band 2 Desktop Sync

Resolving the “Band Error - I can't find your band” for Microsoft Band 2 Desktop Sync

I love the Desktop sync for Microsoft Band. Sure, it’s more convenient to just use the mobile app, but the desktop app syncs quicker and, if you’re stuck at your desk during the day, you can have a continuous sync while also keeping the wearable connected and charging.

I’ve noticed recently, though, that sometimes when a computer comes out of “sleep” that the Microsoft Band no longer communicates with the Desktop sync app. When this first starting happening to me, I was ready to sound alarm. If you remember, due to how Microsoft Band v1 was designed and where the sensors were located, human sweat would eventually corrode the connector and keep the Band from connecting to the PC. I was a bit worried that this would also somehow plague Microsoft Band v2.

I’ve seen others begin reporting this, too, and they are offering a fix of rebooting the PC.

The fix is actually a bit simpler than that.

To fix this issue, just close/shutdown the Desktop Sync app completely and then restart it.

To do this:

  1. Disconnect your Microsoft Band from the sync cable.
  2. Locate the arrow in the Windows System Tray to reveal the Hidden Icons.
  3. Right-click the Desktop Sync app icon and choose “Quit.”

  1. Now, run the Desktop Sync app again. You can do it by navigating through the list of installed applications under the Start Menu, but you can also just type in Microsoft Band Sync into the Cortana “Ask me anything” field.

  1. Once the Desktop Sync app is back up and running, reconnect your Microsoft Band.


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