PSA: Microsoft Band No Longer a Swappable Unit

PSA: Microsoft Band No Longer a Swappable Unit

Microsoft’s foray into fitness wearables has come to an end and the most current hardware is also now circling the drain.

I’ve talked to some who either purchased or received Microsoft Band 2’s as gifts during the holiday season and they’ve asked for my thoughts on whether or not they should keep the devices.

After a bit of digging, here’s what I’ve found.

According to sources…

1.       Microsoft is out of replacement parts.

2.       Microsoft no longer offers complete or extended warranty on new purchases.

3.       If your Microsoft Band tears and needs replaced, Microsoft will simply issue a refund.

4.       If you purchased Microsoft Complete, Microsoft will issue a refund for that, too.

So, the bottom line here is that if you own a Microsoft Band 2, once it has reached its physical end of life, your options are limited on what you might get for it. You should consider now which device you’ll switch to so you have the smallest gap in coverage possible. Personally, I’m fan of Garmin devices and ecosystem, but I’m also not a casual fitness person. If you are concerned most with counting steps, Fitbit might be your best option.

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