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One Fix for Microsoft Band and Strava Integration Problems

One Fix for Microsoft Band and Strava Integration Problems

I was surfing the Microsoft Band subreddit over the weekend and uncovered a fix that I see plaguing numerous Band owners trying to get the Strava integration to work consistently.

According to superkrups20056, the fix is in how you decide to sign-up for Strava – and, more specifically if you decide to use a Facebook account instead of signing up directly using an email account and password.

The problem exhibits itself in a “Oops…something went wrong” message when attempting to connect Microsoft Health with Strava. The connection can never be made, hence, sync just doesn’t work.

There’s more steps to the solution, so check out the full post here: I solved my Strava sync issue. Here's how I did it.

Honestly, I see this constantly and not just for Strava. Social logins can be a timesaver, but in the long run can be more trouble than they’re worth. I always opt to just create a direct account.

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