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Microsoft Health Becomes Microsoft Band

Microsoft Health Becomes Microsoft Band

In an update today for Microsoft Health across all supported platforms, Microsoft is providing a new name for the app. The new app is simply called Microsoft Band.

Huh? You might wonder… is a bit confusing.

With recent news that Microsoft may well be done developing its hardware for its own Health platform, this name change makes sense in an odd sort of way. The company’s Health platform is the renewed focus and it hopes to provide new onboarding opportunities for non-Microsoft devices. For example, I noted just yesterday that the Samsung Gear Fit 2 already connects with Microsoft Health. But, this still doesn't quite come close to explaining the full breadth of the name change. I'm reaching out to Microsoft for comment.

The update was available first from the Google Play store: Microsoft Band

And, is now also available for Windows Mobile/Phone, Windows PC, Apple, and iOS. A firmware update is accompanying the app update.

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