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Microsoft Band v2 Packaging

My Band v2 arrived this morning. Unpacking to setup to first use took about 30 minutes, which is truly phenomenal.

I'll be covering setup and fitness usage in the next few days. There's a lot of reviews out there already, but nothing that really covers Band v2 for what it actually is - a fitness device. So, I'll be digging into that and providing detailed information - particularly how the v2 compares or might have been improved in relation to v1.

To kick it off, though, here's a gallery of Band v2's packaging. Packaging is a more important aspect to selling a product than most might realize. Exposing the product through different packaging layers makes it a grand unveil that can be like Christmas at every turn. As you can see from the Band v2 packaging, Microsoft has put some thought into how to present its evolved fitness wearable.

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