Microsoft Band Tip: Quicker Access to Firmware Updates

Microsoft Band Tip: Quicker Access to Firmware Updates

Over the past few months of detailing my woes about my original Microsoft Band having issues connecting to the Desktop Sync app on my PC, some have questioned the need for the desktop app considering you can just connect over Bluetooth to the Microsoft Health app on a smartphone. Granted, there’s logic in that, but there’s a couple pieces of value for using the Desktop Sync app.

First off, data sync is quicker. Obviously, a high-speed USB connection is going to outperform a Bluetooth connection every time.

And, secondly, and probably one of the more important pieces of value to some, is that access to firmware updates is quicker. Microsoft seems to stage firmware availability differently for the Desktop Sync app and the Microsoft Health app. The Desktop Sync app finds the updates almost immediately upon release.

If you’re one of those that sit and seethe because everyone else has gotten their firmware update before you and are already trying out some cool new features, try the Desktop Sync app.

The Desktop Sync app is available for both PC and Mac.

Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows

Microsoft Band Sync for Mac

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