Microsoft Band Innovation: Heads-up Display for Real Time Biking Data

Microsoft Band Innovation: Heads-up Display for Real Time Biking Data

This is an amazing idea and yet another great example of just how powerful the Microsoft Band can be. Using a few tools and some development know-how, Paul Bram has built his own real-time stats aggregator displays on his biking visor.

I’m sure you don’t want to sit through all 35 minutes of his bike ride, but you’ll immediately get the gist from watching just a few minutes.

Paul posted his invention to Redditt.

One person asked: Can you explain how you got the live info overlaid? Also what did you use for the compass?

Paul explains:

I used a tool from Garmin called "Virb Edit". The tool is designed for one of Garmin's devices but it works with anything so long as you feed it the correct data. I then was able to get the data exported from the band into a .fit file which Virb Edit requires. From that point on, it's just a matter of syncing up the data with the video and dropping in various "gadgets".

The hardest part was really just getting the .FIT file off of the band. I discovered a really cool service called which pulls data directly from the Microsoft Health service and it automatically converts it to a .FIT file for you. That was key to making this work.

Ask your own questions here: The Telemetry from the Microsoft Band 2 can help make a boring eBike commute somewhat interesting!

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