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Microsoft Band: Auto-sleep Detection versus Using the Sleep Tile

Microsoft Band: Auto-sleep Detection versus Using the Sleep Tile

As part of an update to the Microsoft Band version 1 in April of 2015, Microsoft delivered new auto-detect sleep functionality. This ability allowed the Band to detect sleep patterns and start monitoring automatically.  Prior to this added functionality, a Band owner would need to manually start sleep monitoring using the Sleep tile. It’s not really a big deal to kick-off sleep monitoring – it only takes a couple seconds – but, for those just too tired, too drunk, or too forgetful, Microsoft Band would take up the slack and still gather and report on sleep efficiency.

This functionally has carried over in to Microsoft Band 2 but there are still misconceptions about when to use auto-detect or when to kick off monitoring using the Sleep tile.

Here’s what using the Sleep tile gets you (these aren’t available for auto-detect):

  • Sleep restoration – this stat only available when using the Sleep tile
  • Frequency of heart rate sampling – the Sleep tile provides more accurate heart rate information through more frequent checks
  • Bluetooth – the Sleep tile disables the connection to your phone so you don’t get alerts during the night and saves Band battery
  • Do Not Disturb Mode – to further ensure you aren’t woken by a vibrating alert, the Sleep tile also automatically turns on Do Not Disturb Mode on the Band
  • Screen – the Sleep tile turns off the Band’s screen, ensuring those bright numbers don’t sneak through a thin eyelid as you roll around in bed

Auto-detect is truly intended for those times you forget to, or can’t, use the Sleep tile. I choose to use the Sleep tile every time. Not only do I get more accurate readings and reports, but I’m able to set my wake alarm at the same time.

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