Microsoft Band 2 discounted $50 at Best Buy and Amazon (Updated)

Microsoft Band 2 discounted $50 at Best Buy and Amazon (Updated)

Update: As of Tuesday morning these deals are no longer being offered.

​Original article continues...

It is a hectic time of year as many spend time making lists for gifts they want to pick up for their friends and families.

Does one of those lists include a Microsoft fan who might be looking for a new wearable to monitor their fitness and increase their productivity?

Maybe they are on Android or iOS as well so you need a device that is cross platform compatible.

Then this deal alert is for you.

Today Amazon and Best Buy are both offering the $249.99 Microsoft Band 2 wearable with a $50 discount which means they are available for just $199.99.

The Band v2 is a tremendous device and is a good value at its normal price point so to get it at this discount is a no-brainer.

The timing is very good as well since earlier today we brought you our hands on experience with a new third party accessory charging stand that lets you easily place the Band v2 on your desktop in clock mode while it charges.

Be sure to check out our in depth Band v2 coverage here at the SuperSite while you wait for your new Band to arrive.

Is the $50 discount enough to get you ordering your own Band v2?

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