Manually Adjusting Your Weight with the February Microsoft Band 2 Update

Manually Adjusting Your Weight with the February Microsoft Band 2 Update

With the February update now rolling out to everyone, I’m starting to dig deeper into the features. When the history page for the Microsoft Band updates is refreshed, there will actually be a number of features listed as new that aren’t exactly new. For Windows Phone users, many of these features have been around since December 2015. Microsoft seems to be using the February update to get Android and iOS caught up – particularly with what’s announced in the “What’s New” portion of the Microsoft Health app update. To see what all is available in this latest update, see: Band 2 Update Coming, Rolls-out to Android First.

The pieces that are actually new are the GPS Power Saver mode (for running and biking), manual weight entry, and NBA web tiles (boring).

After you update your Band 2 and dig through the “What’s New,” option in the menu, you’ll see each new feature that Microsoft is promoting as new. Once of the features – the manual weight entry – is available from a link on the “What’s New” slideshow, however there’s no mention of how to find it in the Microsoft Health app itself. Where do you find how to update your weight later on?

This option is actually on the main Microsoft Health app screen, you just have to cursor down the page to the bottom…

Microsoft Band 2 doesn’t connect wirelessly with any industry fitness weight scales – yet. Hopefully, that will happen but, for now, you can log your weight at any time on your smartphone. And, yes, before you ask…unfortunately, you DO need your smartphone. You can’t log your weight directly on the Microsoft Band 2.

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