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Lose It! First Wave Microsoft Band v2 Integration Now Available

Lose It! First Wave Microsoft Band v2 Integration Now Available

Earlier this month I sat down with Lose It! CEO Charles Teague to talk about his company’s integration plans with the Microsoft Band v2, that Microsoft announced during its hardware device launch in NYC at the beginning of October. In that interview, Charles suggested that bigger integration was coming soon, but wouldn’t give date details. You can read the full interview HERE.

During that interview we also learned from Charles that the integration would come in waves. For the initial announcement, pieces of the integration were starting to come together. On Thursday, both Lose It! and Microsoft announced that the first wave of integration is now available, allowing iOS and Android users to pair their Microsoft Band v2 with the Lose It! app and install a special Band v2 tile.

Wave two is still in the works and will include an app for Windows 10 Mobile. According to Charles, the Windows 10 Mobile app is dependent on the official release of the iOS bridge that allows iOS developers to port their apps to Windows 10 Mobile.

Additionally, to help make the Lose It! integration more exciting, anyone who purchases the new Microsoft Band and connects to Lose It! will receive one month of our premium service free.

You can download the Lose It! app from either iTunes or Google Play.

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