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LIGHTIFY Users Left in the Dark When Alexa Skill Went Missing

LIGHTIFY Users Left in the Dark When Alexa Skill Went Missing

Imagine getting used to controlling your home using Amazon's Alexa and then it just stops working. What do you do? Do you remember how to the turn the lights on manually like 98% of the rest of the world?

This is the scenario recently for new Sylvania LIGHTIFY customers. The LIGHTIFY Alexa skill disappeared from the North American Amazon database. Sylvania has sent out the following email to LIGHTIFY customers, explaining the situation and giving instructions on how to fix the problem.

Dear valued LIGHTIFY user,

You know when things just don’t go your way no matter how hard you try.  Well, we had one of those times and know that it caused many of you problems, for which we are very sorry.  Unfortunately, we were dealing with a connectivity issue with Alexa and the fact that the LIGHTIFY Skill for Amazon Alexa was temporarily not visible in the North American skill store for newly registered customers.

Solving the situation was a high priority and we now would like to inform you that the Service and the Skill is available again.

However, users that previously registered the LIGHTIFY skill need to follow the steps below to restore functionality with Alexa:

1.       Disable the Alexa LIGHTIFY skill under the Smart Home section in your Alexa app.

2.       Go to “Skills,” then to “Your Skills” in the top right corner, and re-enable the Alexa LIGHTIFY skill.

3.       Re-enter your username, password and Gateway Serial Number (S/N). 

4.       Follow the flow and perform operations.  This should allow you to control your LIGHTIFY lights via Alexa.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and greatly appreciate you being a LIGHTIFY enthusiast. 


Best regards,


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