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How’s Your Microsoft Band Fitness Resolutions Coming?

How’s Your Microsoft Band Fitness Resolutions Coming?

I know many of you received a Microsoft Band for Christmas. And, with it, many of you are also using it to fuel your New Year’s resolution to get healthier.

Here’s what I’ve resolved to do this year:

  • 1 Guided Activity per day (using the Guided Workouts tile and the new Workout Planner)
  • 1 Monitored Activity per day (using the standard Exercise tile with new customized, Exercise categories – this is usually punching the heavy bag for a half hour or so)
  • 1 Run Activity per day (my daily minimum is 7 miles)

So far I’ve been consistent and haven’t missed a day yet, but I have my first trip of the year next week. Will I be able to keep it up while traveling?

What are your fitness resolutions fueled by Microsoft Band?

Let me know here in the comments below or on Twitter (@rodtrent).

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