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Have Alexa Locate Your Missing Keys

Have Alexa Locate Your Missing Keys

In a recent Skill of the Week, I highlighted TrackR. TrackR is a good Alexa skill that enables you to find your smartphone even if the ringer is turned off. TrackR has plans to develop the ability to track other things using Alexa, but right now it only works with an app installed on the smartphone that is connected to the Amazon Alexa service.

Another company, Pebblebee, also provides the same type of functionality with smartphones, but has already begun extending the ability to locate other lost items using Alexa. Pebblebee currently offers a Key Finder tag. The tag attaches to your keyring and using Alexa and the app for iPhone (an Android app is on the way), you can cause the tag to buzz, helping you locate your keys.

You’ll need the Alexa skill, a physical Pebblebee Key Finder tag, and the iOS app to make this work.

iOS app: Pebblebee App

Pebblebee Key Finder tag: Pebblebee PB-501-G Pebblebee Finder Key with Replaceable Battery

Alexa skill: Find My Keys & Phone

The steps to make this work are listed on the Alexa skill page.

Need help enabling skills? Try this: Alexa Tip: Enabling Skills

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