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First Look: Microsoft Band v2 Hardware

As I stated earlier, my Band v2 arrived this morning and I'll be covering setup and fitness usage in the next few days. There's a lot of reviews out there already, but nothing that really covers Band v2 for what it actually is - a fitness device.

I'm actually gearing up, as I finish up this gallery, to head out and give the Band v2 its inaugural GPS run. I expect to have some good data to share, but I'll probably wait for a week's time before pulling it all together and writing up a true review of it as a fitness device. Microsoft hasn't change much about how the Band works, so I suspect I'll see much of the same as Band v1 - but you never know. I may be surprised. I've heard rumors that Band v2 is supposed to be even more accurate.

Here's a first look at the actual hardware. I'll provide commentary where needed.

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