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Control Your Plex Media with New Alexa Skill

Control Your Plex Media with New Alexa Skill

Plex is an amazing piece of media server software that's a very popular solution for those who love movies and music. Plex today has announced a new Alexa skill that allows Plex users to use Alexa to suggest and play their movies and music.

One of your most popular requests has been integration with Amazon’s Alexa. We have been wanting to bring her into the fold for some time, but she couldn’t just be sprinkled in all willy nilly, she had to cover all the important functions of Plex and be totally awesome. She has finally arrived, giving you the ability to get rid of your remote controls and use just the sound of your voice to control Plex playback on your Plex clients. Ask what’s On Deck or have Alexa recommend something to watch—let her take you for a ride!

Get the skill:

How to set it up:

See how it works...

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