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Campaign Kick-off for the First Alexa-Enabled Smartphone

Campaign Kick-off for the First Alexa-Enabled Smartphone

As shown at CES, Huawei is producing the Mate 9 smartphone - which is an Android based smartphone with a kick: Alexa capability comes built in. For those keeping score, you can already load Alexa capability on Android and iOS smartphones using a product like that I talked about in Using Alexa on Your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device. But, this smartphone from Huawei will be the very first smartphone with integrated Alexa capability. Maybe if Alexa had been a hit a few years ago, Amazon could have delivered on its own Fire smartphone.

Today, the company has initiated its commercial campaign with old Mac spokesman, Justin Long.

What do you think? Are you tempted to buy a smartphone just for the Alexa capabilities?

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