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Bosch Exec Dishes on the Company's Renewed IoT Commitment

At the Consumer Electronics Show, a top executive from the German conglomerate shed light on its heightened IoT commitment.

At CES, Bosch unveiled a new branding campaign that puts the Internet of Things front and center. In a video clip, a mustachioed IoT-savvy protagonist showcases the manifold ways he takes advantage of the technology: to do everything from park his car to mow his lawn autonomously.

“We want to become a leading IoT company,” said Michael Bolle, chief digital officer of Bosch in an exclusive interview following the CES press announcement regarding the renewed IoT commitment.

And for the German conglomerate, that means doubling down on what it has been doing for several years in making many of its traditional products Internet of Things enabled. “The ‘things,’ in our case, are our products,” said Bolle, who also serves as a board member and chief technology officer at Bosch. Those products stretch across several industries, ranging from consumer goods to industrial technology to energy and building technology. “We are saying all of our products will become part of our IoT solution,” he added.


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