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Bandsider App Seeks to Connect the Wrists of Microsoft Band Owners

Bandsider App Seeks to Connect the Wrists of Microsoft Band Owners

In private beta testing for a few weeks, Bandsider has now been officially and publicly released by developer Liquid Daffodil.

If you’re not familiar, Liquid Daffodil has been a long-time supporter of the Windows Mobile platform and has produced some very significant apps over the years. Some of the apps you might recognize like Cortanium (adds additional Cortana commands to Windows 10), Fanband (Microsoft Band backgrounds and themes), and Gleek! (Twitter app).

What is Bandsider?

Bandsider is an app that seeks to provide all the extra functionality included in other add-on apps for Microsoft Band so you’ll now only need a single source, but also it injects community into owning a Microsoft Band. Utilizing the conduit between the Microsoft Band and the smartphone, Bandsider provides abilities for owners to message other Band owners directly, to engage any other Band owner across the globe for fitness challenges and competitions, and to locate any other Band owner anywhere, among other things.

Here’s a sampling of the current feature set:

  • Send and receive messages directly to and from your Band with other Microsoft Band users!
  • Use all sorts of helpful tools like Hydration Alerts, Tile Tweaks, and Locators!
  • View maps and general locations of other Microsoft Band users around the world!
  • Copy and paste entire themes from other user’s devices!
  • Participate in Challenges & Competitions with other Band users in your local area, region, or even the entire world!
  • Get Tips & Tricks on using the full potential of your Microsoft Band!
  • Log your Microsoft Health Summaries to earn badges and challenges!
  • Customize your Band with over 1,500 custom themes!
  • Add handle tools directly to your Band, like checking your current location!

This app is ONLY for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Windows Phone 8.1 users can’t participate. So, those that want to become part of this potential community of Band owners will need to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile when available.

Grab Bandsider from the Windows store: Bandsider

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