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AT&T’s IoT Foundry and the Power of Pragmatic Prototyping

The telecom company’s Plano, Texas–based IoT Foundry contains a mixture of high-tech gadgetry and everyday IoT-enabled items such as refrigerators, pallets, retail shelves and even a portable toilet that knows when it needs cleaning.

Hidden within a three-storied office building in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas is AT&T Foundry, a startup lab brimming with prototypes and equipment.

Walking through the center, you get feeling that the AT&T Foundry has one of everything. On the first floor of the building is a vertically-focused showroom. The first thing you notice there is an ABB robot that can deftly put “tchotchkes in a box,” as Craig Lee, the director of the lab puts it. From there, the boxes whiz down an IoT-enabled assembly line and onto a nearby trailer.

Not far away is a replica of a retail environment, replete with large bags of potato chips. If you walk up and remove three bags, a counter display retallies how many are left on the shelf. “If you are the brand owner responsible for replenishment, there is quite a bit of value in more accurately mapping where you are going,” Lee said.

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