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Amazon Adds a New Wake Word to Alexa

Amazon Adds a New Wake Word to Alexa

Amazon's Alexa devices are constantly being improved through updates and skills. Just after writing about how to Change Alexa's Wake Word, Amazon has added another Wake Word option. I had to go back and modify my original article about how to change Wake Words to include the new one.

Wake Words, of course, are the words you can use to cause Alexa to start listening to your requests. Without the Wake Word, Alexa just sits waiting. For privacy nuts, this should be proof enough that Amazon is respecting the customer's private moments and conversations, but some still suspect she's listening anyway. Alexa devices provide a hardware button to stop her from listening completely, or you can use a DIY method like THIS ONE to use voice to halt Alexa's listening operations.

Originally, Alexa came with just three Wake Word options: Alexa, Amazon, and Echo. But, now Alexa has a fourth Wake Word as Amazon has added "Computer" to the mix.

Rumor suggests that Amazon is still intent on providing the ability to allow customers to create their own Wake Words sometime in the future.

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