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New Windows 10 and iOS Features Rolling Out for Microsoft Intune This Week

New Windows 10 and iOS Features Rolling Out for Microsoft Intune This Week

The updates keep coming. Microsoft is continuing its efforts this week to make Microsoft Intune an unavoidable service for managing cross-platform devices and PCs.

This week, through October 5, Microsoft is adding in new features, specifically for managing Windows 10 and iOS. Those new features are:

  • Windows 10 MSI apps: In this update, you will now be able to deploy apps designed with Windows Installer (MSI).

  • Windows 10 configuration policies: The update will also give Windows 10 customers the ability to set configuration policies using a template – things like: password, encryption, and updates.

  • iOS managed app configurations: For iOS, customers will be able to create and deploy iOS managed app configuration policies that automatically apply for enrolled devices.

  • Intune company portal website updated: The portal website will be updated to allow iOS devices to access the company portal website prior to device enrollment.

Shortly after Apple’s announcement of iOS 9 on September 9, Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Intune is already capable of managing devices running the new OS version, so these new iOS features can be implemented even on the latest hardware.

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