Couchbase intros database for iOS developers

Software and database developer Couchbase recently announced the beta release of its Mobile Couchbase database system for Apple iOS devices. The company calls its product the first NoSQL database available to native iOS app developers, and the only one to provide transparent mobile-to-cloud data synchronization.

Couchbase is available to developers as an embeddable software library that can be integrated into new applications or those still in development. The company is showcasing in particular the platform’s ability to provide cloud-based synchronization between a mobile device and a regular Couchbase server located on the Internet.

In a post on the company’s blog, Couchbase co-founder J. Chris Anderson outlines the value of its platform for developers:

This beta release for iOS is designed to initiate our release process, and to give developers a chance to get started using Mobile Couchbase, so we can incorporate feedback into the product. The biggest change since the developer preview we released in March, is support for the iPhone Simulator. This means you don’t need an iOS device in order to try it out.

Couchbase the company was created through the recent merger of CouchOne and Membase.


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