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Introduction to Xbox Game Pass

With the launch of their new subscription based Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is providing gamers access to a full library of games that look, feel, and act just like any digital game they have purchased in the past.

The Xbox Game Pass comes with several benefits and a couple of caveats to be aware of before you make the leap to subscribing.

-- Xbox One only - not available on Xbox 360

-- $9.99 per month and no annual discount but you can cancel anytime but there is a 14 day free trial to check it out

-- It is like renting games but they are installed to local storage versus streamed over the Internet

-- Xbox Live Gold is not required for an Xbox Game Pass subscription but it is necessary to play any multi-player game titles from the library online

-- No limit on how many titles you can install except for the limits of your consoles local storage

-- Launching with 112 games. 71 Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible, and 41 Xbox One and 17 ID @ Xbox titles

-- Active subscription needed to play games however game saves, progress and other content will remain associated to your account even if game is removed from Xbox Game Pass. Buy game or resubscribe to gain access to game and other addons purchased.

-- Gamerscore and achievements remain awarded to your account no matter what.

-- Xbox Game pass subscribers get 20% discount on Xbox One titles if purchased while a subscriber; 10% on DLC while Xbox One base game is in catalog. No discount on Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible games or related DLC.

-- Catalog will be adjusted each month with new titles arriving and possibility that some titles will be pulled. There is no word on how Microsoft will communicate these changes to subscribers but I expect they will in some form let subscribers know.

-- Xbox Game Pass can be shared across users on a console just like an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

-- Some titles will be restricted to adults over 18 - so child accounts will not be able to access certain titles.

-- Offline play of Xbox Game Pass titles is possible for 30 days then you will need to reconnect to validate the license/subscription.

-- You can browse Xbox Game Pass titles on your console under the Membership listing, on the web, and using the Xbox App on a Windows 10 PC.

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