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Introducing Windows Live Solution Center

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about how people can provide feedback about Windows Live to Microsoft. Today, the company finally revealed a formal process for this:

The Hotmail team really values your feedback and experience when using our products. We currently get feedback from many different places, including usability studies on new feature designs, surveys of existing Hotmail customers like you, the Hotmail feedback link, our support team, and other sources. We use these many sources to prioritize which new features to add, how to make Hotmail easier to use, and to identify problems that we need to fix quickly because they block you from using Hotmail.

While our blog posts give us a good way to communicate new features that we add to the product, a blog is not a complete solution. We want to have two-way communication with our customers and decrease the time that it takes to solve problems that users are having with their accounts.

We are proud to announce a new and better way to interact: Windows Live Solution Center!

What can you do on this new website?

  1. Get fast answers to common questions, such as “How can I stop receiving spam?”
  2. Get up-to-date status reports about Hotmail service issues or outages
  3. Work to resolve issues you’re having with Hotmail 
  4. Talk with other Hotmail users about issues you’re having, or exchange tips and tricks

Hotmail support staff may be contributing to, moderating, and monitoring the site. The Windows Live Solution Center at is the best place to go to report a problem with Hotmail or get help with your account.

The Windows Live Solution Center is just for Hotmail right now, but other Windows Live services will be part of the site in the future.

We look forward to talking with you more on the site!

- Windows Live Hotmail team

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