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Intersoft Solutions Releases WebUI Studio 2011 R1

Intersoft Solutions, a provider of UI controls for ASP.NET, Silverlight, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), released WebUI Studio 2011 R1, which includes 290 controls and introduces more than 30 new controls. Key points of the new release are UXGridView, a high performance MVVM-compliant data grid for Silverlight and WPF, extended MVVM support for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) RIA Services, and native integration with IdeaBlade's DevForce framework.

IdeaBlade's DevForce is now part of the WebUI Studio 2011 R1 setup file, enabling .NET developers to use both platforms to build scalable, MVVM-enabled business applications. Additionally, WebUI Studio 2011 R1 includes new Visual Studio 2010 project templates and several application samples, built with DevForce and WebUI Studio, to enable developers to quickly getting started with the combined tools.

UXGridView incorporates features such as server-side paging and filtering, rich data editing with validation, batch data update, aggregates, and others. The new features are optimized for MVVM development. The UXTreeView control lets you bind directly to a data entity and includes features such as three-state check box, node search based on keystroke, load-on-demand, node editing, drag-drop, and template customization.

WebCombo 5 is now fully enhanced to support Client Binding technology, which supports development of high-performance ASP.NET AJAX applications with minimum data overheads. WebUI Studio 2011 R1 also fully supports Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4.

Intersoft WebUI Studio 2011 R1 is available in three editions: the Silverlight and WPF edition, priced starting at $799; ASP.NET edition, priced starting at $1,299; and Premier edition, starting at $1,599. Licensing is available on either a Suite or Subscription basis and in bundles. You can find more information about product versions at Intersoft's Online Store.

Intersoft WebUI Studio 2011 R1

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