HPE Strengthens Its IoT Play with New Hardware and Software

HPE Strengthens Its IoT Play with New Hardware and Software

During the second full day of HPE Discover 2016, HPE announced new converged solutions to deepen ties to the budding IoT industry.

The Edgeline EL1000 and Edgeline EL4000 are designed to integrate data capture, control, compute, and storage to deliver analytics processing for near real-time machine learning.

HPE is promoting the new hardware and services to help weed out inefficiencies in the data collection, storage and deep analytics. HPE believes that IoT proliferation is suffering due to slow and risky processes where data is collected and then transported to a data center or a cloud for analysis. The new Edgeline solutions eliminate those inefficiencies and allow the data to be enacted upon where they exist – or as HPE puts it: “computing on the Edge.”

HPE has built machine learning and real time analytics into its IoT platforms, and provides services that help customers understand how data can best be leveraged, enabling them to optimize maintenance management, improve operations efficiency and ultimately, drive significant cost savings.

The Edgeline systems are built to thrive in hardened environments and designated as perfect solutions for situations that susceptible to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

In addition, HPE announced today that the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform runs on the Edgeline EL4000 and is secured by Aurba’s Virtual Intranet Access VPN client. Aruba’s secure platform means HPE can provide a viable solution for both commercial and high-security government IoT applications.

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