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Interesting new Windows 7 features ... But only for Starter and Home Basic

I just got an email from Patrick U., who has found an interesting new feature in Windows 7. But it's only available in the Starter and Home Basic versions, at least in build 7068. On those systems, when you navigate to the Display control panel, you see a new link, Change Welcome Screen Background. Clicking it gives you the following two choices:

I have to guess what these do, since choosing either doesn't appear to change anything.

The first, Use the background that came with my computer, probably causes Windows to use the default Welcome screen background.

The second, Use the Windows background, probably changes the Welcome screen background to match the Windows desktop wallpaper.

Or vice versa. :)

The lack of choice here does sort of suggest that Starter edition users will be stuck with whatever wallpaper the system comes with, though I still find this hard to believe.

BTW: Patrick also notes that Home Basic has another unique link in this area called "Change desktop wallpaper." It doesn't appear to be in the other Windows 7 product editions, including Starter. Weird.

Thanks, Patrick.

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