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Interesting new WHS hardware available in the UK

I had mentioned that Windows Home Server hardware wasn't available yet in the Windows Weekly podcast this past week, but a listener alerted me to some WHS hardware I'd never heard of before. It's only available in the UK, I guess, and will appeal mostly to home installer types, but it looks interesting:

Tranquil PC are pleased to announce that they are the world's first company to ship a designer appliance running the exciting Windows Home Server operatiing system. We are now accepting orders for shipment.

Introducing the T7-HSA, the ultimate home server appliance. The unit, running Windows Home Server, is a smart hub to connect, protect, share and your photos, videos, music and important files.

Also now available the T7 wall mount kit. This industrial grade kit allows the T7 system to be securely mounted to a wall, or side of desk etc.

The tiny T7-HSA, having a desk foot print of a mere 127cm2 is ideally suited for use in the home. With no fans whirring, it is near silent. Housed in a specially designed aluminium chassis, the whole chassis is the cooling system. With gorgeous looks, it will be happy anywhere in your home.

  • Extremely Efficient system - ultra low power
  • Near silent operation (no fans)
  • Slim (57mm) and svelte
  • Extreme reliability (no fans to fail)\
  • Unique and safe SYSTEM imaging backup/recovery kit
US-based home servers will be available from various companies (HP, etc.) by the end of the year.

Thanks Lee!
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