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Slack expands guest user management tools

Slack expands guest user management tools

Team chat maker offers a little more control over how long visitors can linger

Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days, Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, and your enterprise's guest collaborators are no different.

A new update to wildly popular team chat suite Slack makes them easier to manage, letting admins put time limits on how long guests can stick around, while also providing context to other members of an organization about who invited a given guest into their organization's Slack to begin with.

"For most teams, work involves communicating and collaborating with people outside your organization. That’s why over 65% of paid Slack teams use guest accounts — with 15 guests on average — to bring external people like vendors and freelancers onto their Slack team," the company wrote in a post explaining the new features. "But just as you keep track of everyone who enters your physical office, the same rings true for guest accounts in Slack. You need to know who everyone is, what they’re working on, and how long they plan to stick around."

And if someone needs to have their visit extended a little longer, that's easy to do to, right within the normal chat window:

After meteoric adoption, Slack is under increasing pressure as Microsoft ramps up Teams, so it's good to see the company continue to innovate. Read the full announcement on Slack's blog.

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