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Slack Adds to Enterprise Features with EMM Integration

Slack is adding new features to make it easier for IT admins to manage corporate accounts.

Slack is adding new features to make it easier for IT admins to manage corporate accounts, including adding integration with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers to ensure only approved users access an organization’s Slack instance.

According to a Tuesday announcement, Slack Enterprise Grid admins can now turn on EMM so that only members on approved devices will be able to access an organization’s workspaces.

As Slack works to attract more enterprise clients in a competitive space that includes solutions like Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace, adding features that help IT admins ensure that employees use of Slack matches up with corporate policies will be important.  

Slack said it currently works with 21 EMM providers, including AirWatch, VMware, MobileIron, and Blackberry.

Instructions for setting up Slack for enterprise mobility management are on its website. The features are only accessible by Org Owners and Org Admins.

In addition to EMM integration, Slack has added a new feature that allows enterprise users who already use an identity provider or internal directory to sync the information with profiles in Slack.

Slack has also added a feature that lets admins change the default status update options to some that may better reflect an organization, including statuses that indicate workload or location. Admins can now replace the five default status updates to better reflect how their organization works. This update can be done through the Customize page of the admin site.

The Enterprise Grid updates come nearly two months after rumors surfaced that Slack could be acquired by, who has been trying to get into the collaboration game

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