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Inside the Touch Pack for Windows 7: Lagoon

Rafael provides some details about the Touch Pack for Windows 7, which I alluded to in my recent Windows Touch article (because, at the time, we weren't allowed to discuss this publicly).

This afternoon, Microsoft revealed the new Touch Pack for Windows 7 featuring six new touch-enabled applications (toys) to be installed on touch-supported hardware (at the OEM's discretion of course). While all the toys are nice, the first to catch my eye was the photo-realistic fishy Microsoft Surface Lagoon screensaver. It features a photo realistic set of images put together to form a vivid 3D environment for the fishies to swim around and enjoy. Touching the display while the screensaver is going results in ripple formation – consistent with a finger being inserted in the water (i tested in my real aquarium) – and even draws the fish near while keeping your finger dry. Very nice!

Rafael and I wrote about the Touch Pack for Windows 7 Secrets but it's nice to be able to discuss it publicly now. I'll add info about this to my upcoming Windows Touch feature focus article. Stay tuned.

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