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Priasoft Booth ITDC 2017

Sponsor Spotlight: Priasoft at #ITDevConnections

The annual IT/Dev Connections Conference for 2017 recently wrapped up in San Francisco, California at the Hilton Union Square Hotel.

We talked to all of our event sponsors about their products, services, and why they sponsor and attend a show like IT/Dev Connections.

Tell us a little bit about Priasoft.

We began as consultants at a large enterprise company that got acquired back in 1999. In those days there were no migration tools for moving folks between e-mail accounts and we were looking to build an automated solution. It initially started as a hobby project for a couple of years and in 2004 we re-branded and went to work. We have a very long tenure in this area, even longer than Microsoft themselves, so we have a lot of experience on the challenges that can impact migrations.

How does your solutions make technologists job easier?

Our migration tools mean there are less things a company has to do manually. Our focus is on making a migration a transparent process to the end user. Our experience in the field means we have seen not only the big issues that can crop up but we know about the smaller things that can be missed in a migration. Ultimately, we just want to see everything just work when it is all done and we are there until that is achieved.

What advice would you give to those in the technology profession so they can be better prepared for tomorrow and the future?

Understand the new work force including millennials and recent grads. Their use behaviors and expectations are very different to that of current decision makers. This work force must be accommodated or you will be creating tech that they will not want to use or will work around because it does not meet their needs.

When IT/DevConnections attendees walk up to your booth this week what are you talking to them about? What kind of questions are coming from them?

We get asked about what it is we do because many believe that once everyone is in the cloud or on Office 365 that there will be no more migrations however, even a move from one Office 365 client to another requires a migration to be successful. We also get asked why a company should pay for migration services when there are free tools available and we let them know that we cover them from start to finish with full support while they free options have zero support options.

Finally, why does your company invest in being a sponsor for an event like IT/Dev Connections?

We like getting out here and educating others about our service and brand. Building awareness for our brand is important and being able to talk directly to the audience at an event like this means we are talking to those who manage things like migrations and they understand the value much better.

Learn more about Priasoft by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Twitter - @Priasoft.

Visit the IT/Dev Connections website to signup for news about about when registration will open for next years event which will be held in Dallas, Texas from 15-18 October 2018 at the Dallas Fairmont right in the heart of downtown.

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