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Sponsor Spotlight: datAvail at #ITDevConnections

The annual IT/Dev Connections Conference for 2017 recently wrapped up in San Francisco, California at the Hilton Union Square Hotel.

We talked to all of our event sponsors about their products, services, and why they sponsor and attend a show like IT/Dev Connections.

Tell us a little bit about datAvail.

The company was started back in 2008 with just 75 employees and today it has grown to over 1,000. We are platform agnostic and provide database management services and 24/7 support.

How does your solutions make technologists job easier?

We are not a product company but we have six in-house products that allow us to monitor a customers database servers and respond to trouble tickets. We support companies that already have DBA's and those who have none with our scalable service that can support any size company. With us managing the databases and servers, our customers can turn their focus to strategic planning for the future of their company.

What advice would you give to those in the technology profession so they can be better prepared for tomorrow and the future?

When looking for a cloud based solution make sure it is the right solution for your company. Analyze the costs, return on investment, and benefits. Open your mind about where to more effectively use your DBA's instead of them having to always spend their time fighting issues that crop up on a regular basis. This goes back to the company being able to devote resources to looking forward instead of dealing with the fires that pop up.

When IT/DevConnections attendees walk up to your booth this week what are you talking to them about? What kind of questions are coming from them?

They are very interested in our internal tools for client monitoring. We have been able to tell them we are working towards a commercial offering that could make those tools available in the future for self-monitoring/support.

Finally, why does your company invest in being a sponsor for an event like IT/Dev Connections?

The attendees at a show like IT/DevConnections are typically senior in their careers and are the folks who are in the trenches working with these things everyday. While not the direct decision makers they have a huge influence on how a company might use managed services.

Learn more about datAvail's products and services by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Twitter - @datAvail.

Visit the IT/Dev Connections website to signup for news about about when registration will open for next years event which will be held in Dallas, Texas from 15-18 October 2018 at the Dallas Fairmont right in the heart of downtown.

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