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ImageWrap books on Blurb

I pretty use MyPublisher for my own photo books now, but Blurb just introduced a new book type that looks interesting. According to an email I received from the company, "ImageWrap is a new hardcover book option that lets you print text and images directly on the front and back of your books. You’ll still get to create a front cover, spine, and back cover just as you always have, but with ImageWrap, each area will wrap smoothly over the edge of your book. ImageWrap books also feature a durable matte finish. They’re beautiful." More info from the Blurb blog:

On May 8th, Blurb will launch ImageWrap, a new product that will allow you to print an image directly on the front and back of any hardcover Blurb book, creating a smooth, sophisticated effect. Our ImageWrap books feature a durable matte finish that creates a rich tactile experience, adding visual impact that you typically see with high-end art books. Trust me when I tell you they’re stunning.

The ImageWrap pricing is a tad bit higher as these books cost more to produce. ImageWrap books start at $24.95 for a 7×7, $31.95 for an 8×10 or 10×8, and $56.95 for a 13×11. Don’t worry - our hardcover with dust jacket option is not going away. ImageWrap is simply another hardcover product now available.

Here's an example:

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