Which Public Cloud Provider Does Your Business Use?

Which Public Cloud Provider Does Your Business Use?

While we'll all agree that 2014 is the year of the Private Cloud, there are still many organizations that are using the Public (or hosted) Cloud for various situations.

Some things that come to my mind are for backup, disaster recovery, and test labs (VMs). Still, there is a small minority that are treading the Public Cloud breaker on a major scale. Will they be successful? That remains to be seen. If they are, then it will only provide more fodder for vendors who blindly back and promote a hosted computing solution.

Someday it will work. We can't sit and dismiss the possibility that the Cloud will reach utility status eventually. There are too many factors in motion. Obviously that day does not exist anywhere in 2014. However, many of you are utilizing a Public Cloud provider for various things, some as mentioned before, and we'd like to understand which specific Cloud providers you have chosen for your company's needs.

Jump out to the following link and help us round out our poll: Which cloud providers does your business use?

And, if you still aren't utilizing any Public Cloud solution, let us know that, too.

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