Try out new features in the Windows Defender ATP Service with a Creators Update Trial

Try out new features in the Windows Defender ATP Service with a Creators Update Trial

Since Microsoft released Windows 10 back in July of 2015 each subsequent feature update has not only included new interface and user experience improvements but also increased security related enhancements within the operating system.

In the upcoming Creators Update, Windows Defender Anti-Virus becomes a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app and gains even more functionality to protect users and their data on Windows 10.

If you are a company that has already made the move to Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services then there is a service available that can use the new features of Windows Defender in this upcoming update and help you detect, investigate, and respond to malicious attacks on your users and their devices.

According to Microsoft, nearly two million devices are now protected worldwide using the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service. The sensors for this functionality are built into the soon to be released Creators Update and the Microsoft Security team wants to invite you to a Creators Update Trial for Windows Defender ATP so you can check out the benefits it brings to your toolbox.

In a blog post over at the Microsoft Secure Blog, Avi Sagiv who is the Principal Program Manager for Windows Defender ATP, explains the three key areas and benefits from the service.


Memory and kernel sensors in the operating system have been updated and can now detect memory and kernel-level attacks. Other upgrades around the ability to detect ransomware and other attack vectors will also use behavioral and machine learning algorithms to track down system attacks.


Once an attack is detected then you need tools to look into how it originated into your network, how it may have been spread, and impact on other systems and networks. Tools top help you search for evidence of these attacks are built right into the alert page.


Once an attack has been detected and while the investigation begins it is critical to take action to prevent the threat from spreading. Tools in Windows Defender ATP allow you to isolate devices, ban certain files from the network, and to stop and quarantine any running processes related to the attack.

If you would like to take a closer look at these tools and try them out yourself for by registering for access to the Windows Defender ATP Creators Update Trial.


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