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Resource: Learn About Distributed Cloud Apps on Microsoft Azure

If you are considering building a distributed cloud app using Microsoft's Azure Cloud services then this 6.5 hour video course will provide you a ton of information about the process.

Cloud services and their distributed nature with companies like Microsoft provide developers a lot of flexibility when it comes to keeping their app services up and running plus protecting the data through redundancy and disaster recovery options.

If you are prepared to learn more about these services for your own work then this extensive course, prepared and presented by Jeffrey Richter who is a Microsoft Partner Software Architect, is what you need.

It is broken down into six chapters that covers the following areas around Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications:

Distributed Cloud Apps

-- Fundamentals
-- Microservices
-- Containers


-- Fundamentals
-- Service APIs
-- Fault-Tolerance


-- Fundamentals

Service Upgrade & Config

-- Versioning Code
-- Shutdown & Reconfigure

Leader Election

-- Fundamentals

Data Storage

-- Fundamentals
-- Object (Blob) Storage Services
-- Database Storage Services
-- Data Consistency
-- Versioning Schemas
-- Backup & Disaster Recovery

Obviously, the best way to take in this subject is from the beginning because each subsequent video builds upon the earlier ones however, if you are looking to learn about a specific area you can just jump in at that point as well.


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