One Month Free Trial for Azure Data Warehouse

One Month Free Trial for Azure Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is an enterprise-class distributed database capable of processing petabyte volumes of both relational and non-relational data. It is the industry's first cloud data warehouse capable of grow, shrink, and pause-in-seconds capabilities with proven SQL functionality and if you've not yet tested it out you can now; for free.

Microsoft announced one month of free Azure SQL Data Warehouse trial access at the PASS Summit. In his opening Keynote at the largest event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Data Group at Microsoft, highlighted Azure SQL Data Warehouse and the strides it's made over the last few years as it rose to - and maintained status as the Gartner leader in its class for the second year in a row.

Mr. Sirosh announced the one month free trial for Azure SQL Data Warehouse using the registration code SQLPASSROCKS at

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a massively parallel processing (MPP) distributed database system. This means that data and processing are divided across multiple nodes allowing Azure SQL Data Warehouse huge scalability. Behind the scenes, Azure SQL Data Warehouse spreads your data across many shared-nothing storage and processing units.

"Shared nothing architecture is a distributed computing architecture in which each node is independent and self-sufficient, and there is no single point of contention across the system. More specifically, none of the nodes share memory or disk storage."

The data is stored in locally redundant storage and linked to compute nodes for execution of queries. Using this architecture, Azure SQL Data Warehouse takes a "divide and conquer" approach to running loads and complex queries (hence the parallel aspect of a parallel data warehouse.) Requests are received by the control node, optimized and then passed to the compute nodes to do their work in parallel.

According to Microsoft documentation, by combining MPP architecture and Azure storage capabilities, Azure SQL Data Warehouse can:

  • Grow or shrink storage independent of compute.
  • Grow or shrink compute without moving data.
  • Pause compute capacity while keeping data intact.
  • Resume compute capacity at a moment's notice.

Are you interested in learning more about Azure SQL Data Warehouse? If so then take advantage of your one month free trial using the registration code SQLPASSROCKS at

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