Microsoft Launches Threat Exchange Platform into Private Preview

Microsoft Launches Threat Exchange Platform into Private Preview

Today, Microsoft is launching a Microsoft Azure-based platform for managing information exchange for cybersecurity called Microsoft Interflow. Designed to allow free-flow of information for the security community, the new tool is designed to help crowd-source monitoring and collaboration with the intent to eliminate online threats before they become full-fledged attacks.

Today's cybersecurity ecosystem evolves rapidly and a single vendor cannot promise to solve all threats. By combining forces with trusted and experienced security communities, Microsoft knows that threats can be responded to faster and with more cunning to provide better protection for consumers and businesses.

As a member of the new program, you can expect to:

  • Combine individual analysis of malware to more completely understand the threat landscape and better identify variants.
  • Rapidly upload suspected malicious URLs identified by others in the community into firewalls and defense system to automatically block potential threats.
  • Work together when under active attack from new malware – sharing analysis at near instantaneous speeds.

Microsoft announced Interflow private preview at the FIRST Conference in Boston. The private preview will initially be available for select Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) members and enterprises with dedicated incident response teams.

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