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Microsoft Azure Just-In-Time Virtual Machine Access Preview

Microsoft is implementing new features for Azure based Virtual Machines to help you prevent attacks but not block your authorized access when it is necessary.

The Just-In-Time Preview for public access to VMs on Azure implements controls that avoid leaving machines open to anytime access by layering controls to allow access form authorized IP addresses and users aho are properly authorized and credentialed for that access.

You will get a recommendation from the Azure Security Center based on your established security options so that you can activate this feature on your existing VMs plus annotate your authorized users for access.

All access to your Vms is logged in teh Azure Activity Log so you can keep an eye on things to make sure proper access is occurring for the right users.

Azure Admins can activate this feature in the JIT VM blade in the Azure portal and provide all the required information for your authorized users access. Your end users can even request access to a JIT VM if they have the proper credentials by providing the ports necessary, their own IP address, and what timeframe they need the access for.

The JIT VM features are free to try for the first 60 days and then they are included in the standard pricing tier for the Azure Security Center.

You can check out more about this feature in the Azure Security Center Just-In-Time VM Access video and documentation.


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