Mapping the Cloud: ScaleMatrix delivers private cloud services

Mapping the Cloud: ScaleMatrix delivers private cloud services

Company: ScaleMatrix

Sector: Public/private cloud solutions provider

Competitors: Regional data center/cloud providers

They said it: “You can host in \\[our\\] facility, your facility, \\[or\\] a co-location facility.”


ScaleMatrix recently tapped CA Technologies to launch its new managed service provider effort, targeting small and mid-sized businesses with cloud-based services.

The company will offer multiple public cloud solutions, including application hosting, infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and virtual private data centers. ScaleMatrix operates 12 data centers in the U.S. and has designed a proprietary rack that reduces the need for physical infrastructure.

“I can consolidate a customer from a 20-rack configuration down to one rack,” said Mark Ortenzi, CEO of ScaleMatrix.

The company selected CA’s 3Tera AppLogic software as the primary platform for delivering cloud services, in a three-year contract valued at $3.06 million, according to the companies. 

“With the AppLogic environment, we’re able to pull resources and use them for every project I need,” Ortenzi said. “It’s much cheaper when you’re able to take advantage of all those resources. And you can host in my facility, your facility, a co-location facility—we’re not limiting you in any manner.”

“AppLogic doesn’t just virtualize the servers—it encapsulates everything you need to do,” said Jay Fry, VP of Marketing for cloud business at CA Technologies. “You can move things around, add, subtract—all very quickly. The ScaleMatrix guys have been doing this for a long time and have seen the issues SMBs have and that service providers need to respond to.”

Ortenzi believes ScaleMatrix is unique from other cloud service providers in its ability to control the entire process on behalf of its customers.

“We’re going to take you from cradle to grave—the whole idea is for us to help these businesses figure out what cloud is and what it can do for them,” Ortenzi said. “We’re showing them how cloud can do what they need done.”






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