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Joyhn Savill's FAQs on ITPro Hero

FAQs: Encryption With ExpressRoute; Understanding Which Capabilities Are Supported With ASR; Handling Files Downloaded From The Internet

Three times a week, John Savill tackles your most pressing IT questions.

Three times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), John Savill tackles your most pressing IT questions.

Read through the FAQ archives, or send him your questions via email.

Today: Encryption with ExpressRoute, understanding which capabilities are supported with ASR, and handling files downloaded from the Internet.


Q. Is ExpressRoute traffic encrypted?

A. ExpressRoute provides a private connection between your locations and the Microsoft edge network via a provider. Typically this is implemented on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). Because this is a private connection, it does not encrypt traffic. However, depending on the service you are using, your services may be encrypted. You can also implement your own end-to-end encryption if required, for example -- you could use Internet Protocol Security (IPSec).


Q. Is [fill in the specific technology of your choice] supported by Azure Site Recovery?

A. The best source of truth to find out if something is supported for Azure Site Recovery (which provides DR services utilizing Azure) is the ASR support matrix site. As with every cloud service, there is a very fast cadence of updates and so any other materials will quickly get out-of-date. This vendor-driven site provides information on the source hypervisors supported and the operating systems supported inside of virtual machines/physical systems.


Q. Whenever I download and open a ZIP file from the Internet that contains files, I get an error reading that the file is untrusted when I try to execute. Why?

A. When you download a ZIP file from the Internet it is marked as sourced from the Internet, and when you then unzip files from that .zip archive, those files are also marked as from the Internet, so certain functionality is blocked. The best option when downloading a ZIP files is to not select Open but rather Save. Once you have saved the file, select the properties of the ZIP file and under General, check the Unblock option.

 This is the unblock image

Now you can extract the files and they will not be marked as sourced from the Internet with functionality no longer blocked.

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