, RightScale team on private cloud, RightScale team on private cloud has partnered with software developer RightScale to develop myCloud, a resource for organizing and managing private cloud deployments.

The aim is to give enterprises a platform that helps them use on-premise hardware that can be quickly configured as private cloud infrastructure and managed alongside public cloud resources.

“We wanted to simplify the whole configuration of the cloud deployment,” said Peder Ulander, chief marketing officer for “Setup and configuration tends to be the most complicated part for businesses.”

The myCloud deployment starts with a download from to an enterprise’s hardware that provides IT professionals with management and provisioning capabilities for control of networking policies, security groups and load balancing.

“We’re able to create an entire cloud experience,” Ulander said. “It’s a great way for businesses to try out the cloud.”

Part of the intent of the platform is to push decision-making about cloud creation lower than the CIO level, Ulander said.

“This goes a little lower on the org chart,” he said. “It changes who in the organization gets to make the decisions about deploying a cloud resource and gives you a chance to see if a private cloud can work for you.”

The myCloud solution is interoperable with public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Cloud, according to, which lets enterprises create hybrid cloud environments and burst out to public resources when needed.


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