Check out Azure Internet of Things Tech for Developers

Check out Azure Internet of Things Tech for Developers

The backbone of the Internet of Things, IoT for short, is not the cool device that feeds your cat or mops your floor.

It is actually the connectivity between those devices and wherever that data is collected. Let's face it - without connectivity all of these IoT devices are pretty much useless.

If you are considering using Azure as the platform to connect the devices and services you offer in the realm of IoT then there are some great resources at your disposal.

The Azure IoT Developer Center is the portal to all of that information to get you started no matter what your experience level is with IoT.

The biggest tool you will find available at the Azure IoT Developer Center is the Developer for Azure IoT Hub.

Azure IoT Hub provides an easy and secure way to connect, provision and manage millions of IoT devices sending and receiving billions of messages per month. IoT Hub is the bridge between your devices and their solutions in the cloud, allowing them to store, analyze and act on that data in real time. IoT Hub enables secure, reliable, two-way communication — from device to cloud and cloud to device — over open protocols such as MQTT, HTTPS and AMQPS that are already widely used in IoT.

Using the Azure IoT Hub you will be able to connect your IoT devices securely and be able to easily send and receive messages between the hub and your IoT devices.

There are also binary packages, other tools, documentation and samples available as part of the Azure IoT open source libraries to get you started.

For more in depth information check out the Azure IoT Introduction blog post from Oliver Bloch, the Senior Program Manager for Azure IoT.

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