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Azure Backup Now Supports Offline Disk Shipment, Improves Retention

Azure Backup Now Supports Offline Disk Shipment, Improves Retention

Microsoft has released new functionality for Azure Backup, but you need to install an update to make it happen.

Released on February 9, the update brings the following new functionality (as outlined in KB 303374)

  • Azure Backup lets you set multiple retention policies on backup data. Backup data can be stored for multiple years by maintaining more backup copies near term, and less backup copies as the backup data becomes aged.
  • The number of backup copies that can be stored at Azure is increased to 366.
  • Azure Backup integrates with the Azure Import service to send the initial backup data to Azure datacenter. This capability will enable the customers to ship the initial backup data through disk to the nearest Azure datacenter.

The update is available as a download from the Microsoft Download Center and the direct download link can be found in the KB article:

Azure Backup supports offline disk shipment and increases the number of backup copies and retention policies in Windows


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