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I love Live Mesh

I'm going to be awash in Apple stuff this week, thanks to the iPhone 3G and MobileMe announcements. But in writing a WinInfo article about yesterday's WWDC keynote this morning, I'm reminded in how absolutely special and wonderful Microsoft's Live Mesh is, even in this simplistic early beta. So allow me a brief side track to once again express my love of this product. Basically, I was sitting at the kitchen table, working off a laptop. 9:00 comes, so I want to head into the office, and the traditional extra step at this point is to save the document on the network somewhere so I can then access it from my desktop PC. I was mulling this over briefly when I remembered, hey, I don't need to do that at all. I just saved the document, closed the lid on my laptop, and went into my office. Turning on the PC, I opened the document from my local Documents folder and, voilĂ , there was the article I was working on a moment earlier on a different machine. This works because I'm using Live Mesh to synchronize my Documents folder across all the PCs in my mesh. It's automatic and it's effectively simultaneous.

God, I love Live Mesh.

Back to work...

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