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I Amsterdam

My family and I are flying to Amsterdam this evening. We'll be in Europe for about three weeks and should be doing some side trips around Belgium and The Netherlands, as well as five days in Paris visiting friends. I don't believe this will impact the site or blog here too much, but if things slow down a bit, well, that's why. :)

Also of note: Steven Bink (of fame) and his family are swapping homes with us, so they will be in our house for the duration. (And we'll be in theirs.) They've had a horrific time getting here because of plane issues, sadly, but they're on the way now and will be arriving soon. We'll be meeting at the airport instead of having time to show them around, which is too bad, but at least that's behind them.

I'll be speaking in Amsterdam on July 31, by the way. (Topic: Are we entering a post-Microsoft world?) So if you're in the area, let me know. :)

BTW, Leo and I didn't record the podcast this week because Leo is in China. But we should have a new episode available next week.

See you on the other side (of the ocean, that is)...

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