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Running Linux in a Gen2 Virtual Machine

Q: Can I run Linux in a Generation 2 Hyper-V virtual machine?

A: A Generation 2 virtual machine is a UEFI-based virtual environment that doesn't have an IDE controller and instead boots from the synthetic SCSI controller. Therefore, to boot in a Generation 2 virtual machine, the operating system has to:

  • Natively support UEFI (without requiring a Compatibility Support Module—CSM—that emulates a BIOS)
  • Natively include the Hyper-V SCSI controller synthetic driver and be able to boot from it
  • Support Secure Boot (or disable it as part of the virtual machine settings)

Certain Linux distributions currently support Generation 2 virtual machines but require Secure Boot to be disabled. I've tested Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit (make sure you use the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 14.04). You also get Dynamic Memory support and the new backup integration support.

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