VMware Focuses on IT Pros with New Hybrid Cloud Management and vRealize Branding

VMware Focuses on IT Pros with New Hybrid Cloud Management and vRealize Branding

VMware is all in.

At VMworld 2014 today, during the opening keynote, VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger, announced new initiatives and officially rolled out new Hybrid Cloud branding. Dubbed vRealize, VMware will continue to rebrand its Hybrid Cloud solutions and begin infusing the majority of those into a comprehensive suite. Similar to Microsoft's System Center Suite, VMware's offering will package several products into a single package to provide end-to-end monitoring and management for Hybrid Cloud implementations.

Taking an almost direct "anti-Microsoft" stance, the company is putting its entire VMworld focus on the Hybrid Cloud, but with a LOT of IT seasoned in. As stated during the keynote, VMware can provide the solutions, but then let IT Pros manage them. Many Microsoft customers have been put off by a seeming diminishing love for the IT Pros that select and manage its on-premises offerings, but it sounds as if VMware has decided to take up the mantle Microsoft dropped and deliver products targeted toward solutions that IT Pros will love and use.

Here's the products announced today:

vRealize Suite – The full suite of VMware Hybrid Cloud management, vRealize Suite brings provisioning, delivery, optimization, monitoring, costing, and metering into a single package.

vRealize Air Automation -  Now in beta, vRealize Air Automation (SaaS) is the provisioning and delivery application for deploying private and public Clouds.

vRealize Operations Insight – vRealize Operations Insight is a monitoring solution, providing OS monitoring, performance and health management, capacity planning and modeling, log analytics in real time, compliance and security hardening, application dependency management and mapping, and storage and network visibility.


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